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8 months ago

IMPORTANT: Please try to join our welcome call at 02:00 GMT (10:00am Singapore) on Monday, October 26

Dear 2020 APEC App Challenge participants -


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 2020 Virtual APEC App Challenge (VAAC) which will take place entirely online this year. This is a first for us. Typically the App Challenge happens during an important APEC Trade Ministers meeting each year, and the unfortunate circumstances we all find ourselves in due to the COVID-19 crisis has forced us to change a lot about the competition. But we still aim to make it fun and rewarding, so we hope you will enjoy the experience.


Fittingly, this year the App Challenge will focus on the COVID crisis and its impact on the tourism sector. Many small businesses - often family run - are suffering in the APEC region as tourism has been reduced significantly due to the pandemic. This email includes the key challenge statement for the 2020 VAAC.  We invite you to review it carefully and begin to develop your applications as soon as you are able.


The 2020 Virtual APEC App Challenge will conclude the week of November 9, and winners will be announced on November 16.


This year, teams are being asked to build apps that use mobile and/or web technologies to address at least one of the following challenges in innovative ways:


1) SAFETY, HYGIENE, AND TRUST - How can MSMEs demonstrate, communicate, and market the health and safety measures they are taking to restore traveller confidence? How can MSMEs use digital tools and data to reduce health and safety risks for their patrons and employees?


2) DIGITALIZED SERVICES AND EXPERIENCES - How might tourism services or experiences be offered through digital, virtual, and/or contactless means? How might MSMEs operators with less digital skills and capacity "onboard" their businesses to digital services and platforms more easily and efficiently?


3) RISK RESILIENCE AND BUSINESS CONTINUITY - How can MSMEs better anticipate and prepare for changes to the operating environment or changes to customer demand and preferences (e.g. due to COVID-19 resurgences, lockdowns, or other shocks)? How can MSMEs and their customers stay updated on global and local regulations and rules that affect the tourism industry?


If you have not already done so, please join the App Challenge Slack channel and introduce yourself! You can find hte link on the Devpost page.


And finally, as noted above, we will host a Welcome Call on October 26 at 02:00 GMT which is 10am, Singapore time on Monday and 7pm, California time on Sunday.


The link to join the call is here.


Our 2020 Twitter hashtag is #APECAppChallenge2020.


Thank you and let’s talk on Monday!


-- The APEC App Challenge team